LOCUS - Local Cultural Urban Synergies

LOCUS Project

LOCUS groups a series of European co-developed performing arts festivals.

LOCUS means LOcal Cultural Urban Synergies, but can also mean LOcal Communities for Urban Synergies, because the focal point lays in the participatory approach with which the festivals will be developed together with local communities and local stakeholders (public and private).

As empirically proved by studies on Cultural Creative Cities, culture and cultural activities can be a powerful tool to develop a community under multiple points of view, not only cultural, but also social and economic.

The 3 partner organizations, located in Italy (leading), France and Romania, already have experiences in promoting theatre and performing arts festivals in strong connection with their own municipalities and communities.
With LOCUS, they want to root these existing practices on a joint methodology that, building on best practices, international exchange of experience and a continuous learning-by-doing approach, can then be shared with fellow cultural organizations and municipalities, thus paving the way to a sustainable local development through cultural activities across Europe.

In this framework, the pilot festivals (1 in France, 3 in Italy and 6 in Romania) will be the ideal space to iteratively test the methodology, collect feedbacks among all relevant stakeholders and make improvements, completely in line with the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach.

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